Not just another Property Management Platform.

No matter what type of codominium property portfolio you manage, PropertiesPlatform has got you covered. Our end-to-end solution provides you tools for Automated Property Administration in the Cloud regardless of location to manage your properties and their tenants at the click of a button.

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Usefull features.

Stay in full control and reduce your time spend on property monitoring. PropertiesPlatform helps you stay on top of every information, finances, task’s whether its missing payments, service requests or upcoming meetings, PropertiesPlatform will manage all for you automatically and notify you when you need to act.

Finances Monitoring

Web Console and Mobile App.

Managing Tenants and Properties never was so simple like now, Term-time lodging dates, Tenant’s Meeting’s, Late Rents, Repairs, Deposits, Announcements, Apartment’s Financial Balance, Tenant’s Communication Tracking. PropertiesPlatform works for you to help you get more done with less needed effort.

Simplified, automated property and finances management.

The solution is designed so that everyone can manage the property, just upload required data and imediatelly start to manage property and their tenants, by using build in App’s. Platform does not require any expensive implementation services or plugins to external communications services, log on just try and buy.

Process Automation

Process Automation App

Enable Automatical work flow jobs, with PropertiesPlatform and apps, you can manage any number of properties with any number of tenants at the same time; no building is too large to handle because system will automatically manage it for you.
Balance & Budget

Property Finances App

Brings together everything from payments, balances & budgets and more. The Mass Payment collection System, reduce to minimum accounting workforce expenses, Avoid Payment Errors, Payments delay’s & Increase Your Compliancy
mass communication

Mass communication App's

Delivers mass notification features right to your tenant’s mobile phones. As an administrator you can send notifications to thousands of people within seconds, keeping those people informed of any important element, transaction or event.
Property Balance Tracking.

Platform will track automatically balance of your property!

This powerful Platform makes managing property finances simple and easy and will give you the confidence to grow your business to any size. All property are constantly monitored and Tenants are notify about missing payments. Financial information is instantly synchronised, eliminating human errors caused by human multiple entries, saving you time while checking bank accounts balance, searching for tenants payments and send confirmations.

Property Balance Tracking.

Unlimited possibilities.

Each property can be managed automatically according to required preferences at current location. It can be set different Monitoring Rule, Notification option, Console Language. System provide live information about Fault requests and Spendings on every building, reliability of customer payments. Property could be monitored at the same time by the Property Board Members to monitor finance health of a property and avoid financial difficulties.

Unlimited possibility.
Intuitive Interface and Automation

Intuitive interface.

designed in such a way that every person could enter data themself and in a couple of minutes take advantage of all the benefits of business processes automation. Don’t focus on systems where training or expensive implementations are required, just create account, upload required data. Take advantage of automatic processes and save time on traditional tasks. Let the system work for you.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits.

Automated Multi-language Servicing

PropertiesPlatform automatically supports managers and residents in the language they prefer, regardless of the location. Each resident has the option to choose the language in which he would like to be served on.

Automated Financial Monitoring

Platform provide automatic transaction matching and reconciliation, display cash flow updates in real-time. Sync live with Tenants MobileApp to eliminate basic financial requests, errors caused by multiple entries, provide accurate overview of your financial status.

Smart Causes and Faults Management

With PropertiesPlatform Fault Reports and Management Tasks are simple and easy.  In the seconds Tenant, Property Manager, Service Provider is notify about Fault Request, Meeting and much more.

SMS, Email, InApp Notifications

Platform Communicate with your tenants seamlessly via dedicated apps, email and text. Automatically send alerts and reminders, confirmations. Platform kept of all communication to all contacts to minimise time spent on disputes.

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reduce costs and get more out of properties. Don’t increase charges.

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